Tesla still ‘miles ahead of competition’ despite 24% registration drop in China, says analyst

Tesla clashes with Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo over Model 3 promo

Tesla rolls out Sirius XM free three-month subscription

Tesla (TSLA) crosses $1,800, reaches new record high during Monday trading

Tesla Powerpack makes its way to oil-ridden Qatar

Tesla asks for help from owners during California heat wave

SpaceX and NASA push next astronaut launch to late October

Tesla directors except Elon Musk get court approval for $60M SolarCity settlement

SpaceX crushes rocket engine world record during Raptor test

Tesla’s unfair advantage: Batteries, talent, and more, says Morgan Stanley

Tesla (TSLA) overtakes S&P 500’s 11th biggest company following monster rally

Tesla’s next-gen Autopilot and infotainment hardware already in development: report

How Tesla’s Solar program has become the cheapest in the US

Tesla’s software-like approach to its Gigafactories is working wonders in Berlin

SpaceX’s 99th Falcon launch checks off new rocket booster reuse record [updated]

Tesla Model Y gets added to Radio Flyer kids fleet

Tesla Model 3 does the seemingly impossible by beating a 2018 Ford GT in a drag race

Tesla’s Elon Musk has moved up on the “Richest Person in the World” list

Lucid Air, future SUV spotted in California ahead of unveiling event

SpaceX makes rocket fairing catch look easy with “autopilot” recovery

Lucid details charging strategy with best-in-industry peak rates

Tesla amends ‘unfair’ terms and conditions for vehicle deliveries in South Korea

Tesla battery production to increase with new $100m Panasonic investment

Lucid Air to offer vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-vehicle charging features

NASA captures closest asteroid flyby of Earth ever recorded

Tesla’s lead has GM rethinking its EV strategy in China

Tesla somehow doesn’t win J.D. Power’s Tech survey

SpaceX Starlink, Starship programs crush funding goals, raise $2 billion

SpaceX Starlink rideshares to launch entire small satellite constellations

Tesla Model Y takes out BMW’s $100k+ X6 M SUV in quarter mile

SpaceX’s Elon Musk talks next goals for Falcon rocket reusability

SpaceX targets September launch of military GPS satellite for US Space Force

Elon Musk shares ‘nutty’ tidbit about the next-gen Tesla Roadster’s wheels

Tesla (TSLA) expands British fund’s value by $2B, but it could have been bigger

Tesla Energy sees potential in South Australia as Neoen plans 1.8GWh battery project

Teslas will play elevator music for pedestrians through external speakers

Volkswagen begins production of its answer to the Tesla Model Y

Jim Cramer gives inside look at how a Tesla skeptic turns into a TSLA bull

Tesla stock (TSLA) hits $2,000 per share for the first time

Tesla’s (TSLA) Battery Day is charging Jim Cramer’s valuation: “It’s Game, Set, Match”

Tesla aims to save young lives with interior motion detection sensor

Tesla rolls out 250 kW peak charging rates for China Model S and X owners

SpaceX installs Starship Raptor engine, moves next test forward as storms near

Tesla’s role as supplier of million-mile batteries to be shunned by rival carmakers: professor

Tesla’s smart air suspension gets more immersive and comfortable in new update

Tesla Autopilot, other driver-assistance suites set for extended testing in Sweden

Tesla (TSLA) overtakes S&P 500’s 10th biggest stock after breaking $2k barrier

Tesla gives up crown for world’s biggest battery

Tesla’s (TSLA) $2k value could be looked at as “low priced,” investor says

Tesla Model 3 is “most satisfying” car across all ages, study reveals

Futuristic Ford ‘F-E50’ concept proves the age of the Tesla Cybertruck is here

Tesla Fandom: Terrific or Toxic?

Tesla and EV-only carmakers are legacy auto’s karma for killing the electric car

SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule arrives in Florida for next NASA astronaut launch

Tesla Cyberquad replica rips past 100 mph with DIY electric powertrain

Tesla’s “Snake Jazz” is a big FU by Elon Musk to the NHTSA

Elon Musk to unveil Neuralink progress with real-time neuron demonstration this week

SpaceX’s second Starship hop imminent after Raptor static fire test

Tesla’s rise is unmasking Japan’s risk of being left behind

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin accelerates as mysterious tent gets set up onsite

Tesla’s ‘Roadrunner’ cell production facility is taking form ahead of Battery Day

Tesla (TSLA) gets 71% increase on bull case from Wedbush

Porsche Taycan takes on the Moose Test and bows down to Tesla Model 3’s record

‘Daily driver’ Tesla Model Y achieves near-supercar lap times around Laguna Seca

Tesla expands Powerwall Coordination in new update amid CA outages

Tesla (TSLA) bear refuses to change his $87 price target

ULA Delta IV Heavy rocket set for National Reconnaissance Office spysat launch

SpaceX’s reusable rockets snag two more launch contracts

Tesla Model S ‘Cheetah Mode’ vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S face off in test of raw power

Tesla’s ‘Roadrunner’ facility gets a neighbor working on tech beyond the million-mile battery

SpaceX rocket booster heads west for first California launch in more than a year

Ex-Goldman CIO slams Tesla coverage that cited TSLAQ points on S&P 500 inclusion

Tesla’s (TSLA) value comes down to categorization, Jim Cramer says

Tesla China submits filings for Model 3 with Model Y-style chrome delete

Tesla Model S ludicrously launches past Nissan GT-R

Tesla gave away a Model Y to a Referral Program winner

Tesla driver under fire from police for testing Autopilot in YouTube video

Mars as an Earth-like planet in the past not likely, according to new study

Lucid reveals compact 113 kWh battery in efficient “Space Concept” platform

Ford’s battery problem with the F-150 Electric validates Tesla’s Roadrunner initiative

Elon Musk’s Neuralink targets human trials for brain-machine interface in 2020

Elon Musk’s Neuralink to unveil V2 brain implant machine in Aug 28 event

Tesla Model 3 dominates as qualifying leader in historic Pikes Peak run

Tesla (TSLA) Battery Day anticipation increases Jefferies’ price target

Tesla’s vision comes full circle in Times Square

Tesla makes another improvement to its brake lights

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket wins fourth Moon lander launch contract

SpaceX kicks off orbital Starship launch pad construction in Texas

Tesla (TSLA) reaches new record valuation after highest close to date

Tesla Model Y test vehicles sent to South Korea ahead of local release

Tesla Giga Texas’ work area expansion teases Cybertruck facility’s mammoth size

Tesla prepares for Model Y pilot line in China with massive hiring ramp

Tesla Cybertruck Tri-Motor is surprisingly affordable compared to RAM 1500 TRX

Porsche delays new Taycan variant to “optimize the cycle plan”

Xpeng CEO admits they will pay attention to Tesla’s “Battery Day”

Tesla alumnus replaces ex-McLaren exec as Rivian’s new VP of engineering

Tesla (TSLA) hits market cap of $420B, posts over 420% gain since start of 2020

Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Boring Company tunnels ‘only a few months away’ from operation

Elon Musk’s updates to Tesla Battery Day show we have no idea what will happen

Volkswagen dealers in Germany vow to overtake Tesla with the ID.3

LIVESTREAM: Watch Elon Musk detail Neuralink’s brain interface developments

SpaceX eyes two Falcon 9 launches and a Starship hop in three days (Update: one day!)

Elon Musk’s Neuralink unveils sleek V0.9 device, uses sassy pigs for live brain machine demo

Lucid teases possible world record 1/4-mile with Air Dream Edition

SpaceX, Rocket Lab, ULA all have rocket launches planned this weekend

Tesla assists in Pikes Peak Model 3 race car 48-hr rebuild following crash

Tesla’s (TSLA) Monday stock split isn’t changing ARK’s price target

Tesla blocking aftermarket performance upgrades is smart in the long-term

SpaceX Falcon 9 doubleheader still on track after fiery ULA launch abort

Tesla rolls out speed limit sign recognition and green traffic light alert in new update

Elon Musk is headed to Germany for Tesla vehicles and vaccines

Tesla Model S proves not to be ‘Shaq-friendly’

Former ‘Top Gear’ host and Tesla owner James May roasts his Model S 100D

SpaceX to attempt first East Coast polar launch in half a century as storms loom

SpaceX changes the game with 100th rocket launch

Tesla Model 3s dominate Pikes Peak Exhibition class with twin podium finishes

Tesla (TSLA) stock adjusts in price following 5:1 split

Tesla China shows Giga Shanghai’s ‘Alien Dreadnought’ in action

Tesla’s battery genius may hold the key to a closed-loop recycling endgame

Tesla (TSLA) gets first post-split PT increase from Argus, citing resilience and growth

How Tesla (TSLA) took advantage of the retail investing boom

Tesla’s Elon Musk passes rival Mark Zuckerberg in net worth

Tesla’s battery strategy has “no advantage,” Ford CEO says

SpaceX Super Heavy booster assembly to start “this week,” says Elon Musk

Tesla China’s Gigafactory Shanghai-produced Model Y poised for imminent launch

Tesla teardown specialist Sandy Munro lays the law on TSLAQ over false allegations

Tesla Giga Berlin shocks with near completion of drive unit facility’s roofing

Tesla to sell $5 billion in TSLA stock amid monster rally, SEC filings reveal

Tesla’s Nickel Problem: The quest for sustainable sourcing

Tesla wants new video games to be made at Giga Texas

Tesla’s (TSLA) stock split and how it has burned short sellers

Elon Musk’s Neuralink and what it means for anxiety and depression

Tesla critic of “Change My Mind” fame reverses stance, buys a Model S

Lucid unveils Air’s Dual-Motor, 1,080 HP powertrain and 9.9-second quarter mile

SpaceX Starship test plans solidify after bad weather delays hop

SpaceX has a California launch date for the first time in 16 months

Elon Musk visits CureVac in Germany, explores Tesla’s role in vaccine development

Tesla starts sending Battery Day invites to lucky shareholders

Tesla major shareholder Baillie Gifford cuts TSLA stake in ‘enforced’ reduction

Tesla gets rare support from usually-critical Glass Lewis ahead of investors meeting

Tesla CEO Elon Musk arrives in Berlin for meeting with German Economy Minister

Tesla’s bigger, smarter battery earns high praise from Australian energy minister

Tesla and Lucid’s performance specs are opening the door for an ICE exit

Tesla Model S and X get Adaptive Suspension instrument panel widget

NASA’s Artemis Moon mission hits important milestone with successful full-scale booster test

SpaceX gears up for back-to-back Starlink launch, Starship hop [webcast]

Tesla is testing the waters in Germany for the expansion of its energy utility business

Rocket Lab Electron returns to flight as FAA approves launches from the US

Tesla Supercharger V3 Network is expanding to US Target retail locations nationwide

Tesla Gigafactory Texas’ Phase 1 area has taken shape with phenomenal speed

Tesla CEO Elon Musk receives rockstar welcome in first visit to Giga Berlin

Elon Musk shares details on Tesla Model Y redesign, battery cell production in Giga Berlin

Neuralink details humane animal treatment during Link v0.9 testing

Tesla Model 3 hailed as the most reliable executive car in the UK

Tesla lands ‘Alien Dreadnought’ contract for Giga Berlin

Tesla’s battery advantage questioned by Gordon Johnson

NASA’s Insight Mars lander rescue operation makes progress saving ‘stuck’ probe

SpaceX soars with flawless Starship hop, Starlink launch five hours apart

Tesla poised to expand in-house insurance in Israel, in talks with local executives

Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant brings Powerwall batteries to 3K new homes in Australia

Tesla Energy’s true potential shines as study shows Gen Z prefers renewables, not coal

Tesla can solve an annoying part of its cars’ ownership experience with Maxwell’s supercapacitors

Elon Musk secures full support for Tesla in Germany: ‘You’ll have every assistance you need’

Tesla’s Musk and VW’s Diess preview ID.3 and ID.4 in previously unknown visit

Tesla Model 3 police cruiser gives look at electric patrolling in ride-along video

Tesla (TSLA) will soon be as big as BMW with “twice better margins,” analyst says

Tesla and Volkswagen: from fierce competitors to unlikely allies

Tesla Autopilot labeled ‘misleading’ in uneducated Model Y review

Neuralink shouldn’t solve Anxiety and Depression disorders

Tesla Model Y efficiency exceeds early-production Model 3, data shows

SpaceX Starlink ‘space lasers’ successfully tested in orbit for the first time

Tesla Battery Day in focus as Lucid raises bar for 500-mile ultra-performance EVs

Heavy-duty BEVs like the Tesla Semi won’t work—biofuels a better option: Bill Gates

Tesla Model 3 owner reaches Mt. Everest’s base camp with zero range anxiety

Teslas are convincing some governments to lower EV taxes

Tesla who? Bill Gates refuses to mention EV leader in blog post

Tesla Model 3 avoids nasty crash by a hair’s breadth thanks to its instant power

Volkswagen shares Elon Musk’s test drive of the VW ID.3: ‘It’s pretty good’

How to repair your Tesla Model S Door handle (DIY Kit)

SpaceX’s second flight-proven Starship makes way for next ‘test tank’

Tesla partner Panasonic shares details of Gigafactory Nevada’s major expansion

Tesla Model Y leaves strong impression on VW’s Herbert Diess after test drive

Tesla Model Y production in China to begin as early as November: report

Tesla Model 3 sales in China spike 7% in August

Tesla (TSLA) completes $5 billion stock offering, plunges after S&P snub

Nikola hands off fuel cell and battery systems to GM in joint venture

Lucid’s Peter Rawlinson: ‘We are nothing until we’ve got anything into production’

SpaceX’s youngest Falcon 9 booster returns to port after second launch

Tesla joins Fair Cobalt Alliance in support of moral mining efforts

Lucid Air pricing revealed ahead of unveiling event

SpaceX’s next Falcon Heavy launch slips into 2021

Tesla Energy ramps hiring at Giga New York for accelerated solar production

Tesla’s eight giant casting machines in Giga Berlin may be key to ‘Model 2’ puzzle

Tesla bull ARK Invest is loading up on TSLA once more amid ongoing dip

Volkswagen ID.3 gets sharp criticism on build quality, ‘unfinished’ electronics from German auto magazine

Tesla Model X, Model 3 rank best in vehicle value retention in U.S and China

Lucid Air unveiling: four variants, <$80k starting price, 1,080 HP, 517-mile range rating

LIVESTREAM: Watch the Lucid Air unveiling event

SpaceX’s 13th Starlink launch set hours before next ULA Delta IV Heavy attempt

Tesla Giga Berlin’s paint facility makes grown men look microscopic

First Look at Lucid Air’s design studio

Tesla Roadster and ‘friends’ make history in newly-published log of 57k+ human objects in space

SpaceX Starship factory overflowing with new and flight-proven rockets

Tesla Cybertruck poised to start trial production runs in Giga Texas in May 2021

Tesla’s ‘Roadrunner’ site is coming together in the final stretch before Battery Day

Tesla Model Y vs Model 3 casting comparison shows that legacy auto’s ‘soil-your-pants’ moment is at hand

Tesla Model Y single-piece rear casts spotted in Fremont factory

Tesla (TSLA) bear is skeptical of automaker, but says don’t short the stock

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin set to face its biggest opposition yet as buildout continues

Lucid Air’s interior colors are an ode to California’s natural beauty

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s perfect answer to the Lucid Air

Nikola Motor labeled “an intricate fraud” by Hindenburg Research

SpaceX Starlink beta latency results on par with fixed broadband in recent tests

SpaceX posts uncut Falcon 9 launch and landing footage and audio

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai’s lots fills with Model 3 as Q3 production ramp commences

Tesla to utilize Gigafactory Shanghai to export cars to Asia and Europe: report

Tesla (TSLA) gets doubled PT from UBS on ‘raised volumes and margins’

Tesla is already looking to increase its footprint in Germany: insider

Tesla in talks to purchase nickel from Canadian mining firm, claims sources

Nikola Motor and Trevor Milton respond to Hindenburg report

Tesla Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control begins international rollout

Tesla Full Self-Driving gives epileptic student hope for normalcy

Can Lucid overtake Tesla as the best EV brand?

NASA wants you to dig up stuff on the Moon in pursuit of lunar exploration architecture

Tesla owner graffitis own car for bizarre ‘Unicorn’ wrap

Tesla Supercharger gets exploited by other EV drivers

SpaceX drone ship heads to sea for Falcon 9’s next Starlink launch and landing

Tesla Model 3 poised for power liftgate, center console upgrade, new ‘frunk,’ and more

SpaceX Starship test tank set for destructive finale after ‘cryo proof’

Lucid CEO shares insights on Tesla’s ‘production hell’ and the Nikola controversy

Tesla orders 450K heat pumps for Giga Shanghai’s Made-in-China Model 3

Nikola admits One wasn’t self-propelled in response to Hindenburg

Tesla (TSLA) Battery Day needs ‘something big’ to avoid overhang, Jim Cramer says

Elon Musk stands by Tesla Semi and rebuts Bill Gates’ critique: ‘He has no clue’

Tesla (TSLA) stock surges 9% as tech comeback begins, Goldman Sachs says

GM talks ‘Crab Mode’ and reveals unveiling date for Hummer EV

Elon Musk bets on Neuralink over smart devices from ‘yesterday’s’ technology

SpaceX’s first high-altitude Starship a week away from completion, says Elon Musk

Tesla’s 12V batteries set to receive major improvements through software update

Mars has competition from Venus after new study shows signs of life

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s General Assembly building is getting its steel roofing done

Tesla (TSLA) surge satisfies Fibonacci’s second key, analysts see more growth

Boring Co. Vegas Loop expansion looms as LV monorail files for bankruptcy

Tesla Autopilot will now let drivers stay in passing lane with new update

Tesla partners with automated paint shop company at Giga Berlin

Hindenburg responds to Nikola’s rebuttal: ‘A tacit admission of securities fraud’

SpaceX Starship test tank survives first two nights of stress testing

EVs like Teslas will save lives and billions in health costs in 2050: ALA report

NASA confirms the Sun’s new solar cycle; Moon and Mars missions will have to adapt

Tesla is quietly building a mammoth Supercharger with a whopping 56 stalls

GM to adopt Tesla-like strategy for its electric car push: report

Tesla (TSLA) Battery Day could be ‘Master Plan Part 3,’ PT increases follow

Tesla thieves prove that they still don’t know Sentry Mode exists

Tesla submits request to clear more trees from Giga Berlin site

Tesla Hardware retrofits, FSD upgrades are underway in Europe

SpaceX eyes Starlink to connect rocket recovery ships to the internet

Tesla Gigafactory Texas construction plans revealed in permit documents

Tesla ‘Roadrunner’ cell leak hints that Battery Day will be more insane than expected

The ‘Elon Musk Method’ explains Tesla’s runaway success in the EV sector

Tesla’s metal-air battery patent: Carpe ‘Battery’ Diem or yesterday’s news?

Former Tesla CTO’s battery recycling startup secures funding from Amazon

Volkswagen AG is selling Bugatti to Rimac so they can focus on EV development

Ford invests $700 million in EV plant, adds 300 jobs related to electric F-150

Tesla’s QR code-based touchless test drive is the perfect EV marketing tool

(Update: scrubbed) SpaceX’s next Starlink launch to break rocket fairing reuse record

Tesla and the Model 3 overtake ICE competitors in Hong Kong

Tesla (TSLA) selloff ‘was a mistake,’ $230 billion investment manager says

SpaceX delays Starlink launch as ocean outmatches drone ship upgrades

Lucid’s Tri-Motor retakes Tesla’s Plaid record at Laguna Seca

Ford throws shade at Tesla and GM, says F-150 EV will be a ‘real’ work truck

Tesla Megapack batteries help balance the UK’s energy grid for the first time

Tesla ‘Roadrunner’ site is getting cleaned up ahead of Battery Day

Tesla (TSLA) gets two new PTs, but they’re not Battery Day related

Tesla Model Y to use one-piece front casting in Germany: report

Bill Gates debunks Elon Musk’s comparisons to Steve Jobs

Tesla wins lawsuit against former employee accused of hacking company data

Tesla Model S saves cancer-stricken owner’s life after disease causes crash

Tesla Model Y takes the ultimate off-road challenge…and wins

How Tesla Battery Day can silence critics once and for all

Tesla Model S driver using Autopilot arrested for sleeping while driving 90 mph

Lucid looks to rain on Tesla’s Plaid Parade

Tesla mobile app shows signs of upcoming FSD subscriptions

Tesla’s (TSLA) sizzling summer made Goldman Sachs $100 million

SpaceX continues commercial launch market dominance with even more contracts

SpaceX’s first high-altitude Starship gets ready to prove itself

Nikola Motors loses founder Trevor Milton amid SEC and DOJ probe

Tesla’s next-gen Roadster to take on the Nürburgring, confirms Musk

Elon Musk rallies Tesla’s troops to pursue another record quarter in leaked email

Tesla Battery Day: A new form factor, the Roadrunner line, and what to expect

Boring Co. looks to hire for ‘secret tunnel’ between LA and Vegas

Tesla dominated Q2 U.S. Automotive Exports, data says

Tesla’s Elon Musk explains Gigafactory Texas’ unique layout and massive size

Tesla receives apology from Norway police over wrongful criticism: ‘We are sorry’

Tesla eyes expansion into India with R&D center: report

Tesla shrugs off tidal wave that left multiple internal combustion cars stranded

SpaceX Starship test tank ready for a second shot at destruction

Elon Musk sets expectations for Tesla’s cell production ramp on Battery Day’s eve

Tesla’s rise means that the age of electric cars is coming ahead of schedule

Tesla’s Musk confirms Navigation Waypoints for custom roadtrips

Tesla quietly reduces Powerpack cost as Battery Day event looms

Ford follows up electric F-150 ‘real work truck’ claims with flashy teaser video

Top 5 things Tesla (TSLA) investors want to know from Battery Day

Tesla debuts new 4680 battery cell: 500% more energy, 6X power, range increase

LIVE BLOG: Tesla Battery Day and Annual Shareholder Meeting 2020 updates

Tesla launches Model S Plaid at $139k: 520+ mi, 1100HP, 200 MPH top speed

Tesla outlines new casting and battery architecture, future of EV designs

SpaceX’s next two Falcon 9 launch dates set in late September

Tesla’s new Roadster must have otherworldly specs to justify its place above the Model S Plaid

Tesla (TSLA) gets new PTs after Battery Day breakthroughs

Tesla just changed the EV game with Battery Day, and Wall Street is disappointed

Tesla sues to block Trump Administration’s Tariffs on China Imports

Tesla (TSLA) should be bought “on any near-term weakness,” analyst says

SpaceX Starship pop test opens the door for 60,000 foot hop [update]

Tesla plans for Cybertruck-specific Supercharger spaces

SpaceX Falcon Heavy side booster arrives at Texas test facilities

SpaceX’s Gwynne Shotwell makes Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list for 2020

Tesla’s pilot Roadrunner line will be one of the world’s largest battery cell plants

Tesla can fall short of its battery goals and still dominate rivals, says expert

Tesla’s lithium mining plans in Nevada are spawning their first skeptics

Tesla (TSLA) shares snatched up by ARK after Battery Day: “It’s going to be hard to catch up”

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s opposition hearings are off to a rocky start

If Tesla Battery Day didn’t excite you, you probably didn’t understand it

Tesla Battery Day skeptics are “bummed that what they hyped didn’t happen,” Cramer says

Tesla Sentry Mode becomes more convenient with Ring’s new Car Connect feature

Astronomers discover possible 60s-era Moon rocket booster heading back to Earth

Tesla employee foregoes $1M payment, works with FBI to thwart cybersecurity attack

Suspect behind failed Tesla ransomware ploy on Giga Nevada pleads not guilty

SpaceX’s first orbital Starship engine just breathed fire

Tesla Model Y Dual Motor AWD gets paid Acceleration Boost upgrade


Tesla Gigafactory Berlin gets approval for one of its critics’ biggest pain points

SEC charges BMW for misleading investors on US auto sales


Tesla ups the stakes in Texas by purchasing more land


SpaceX’s Starship Moon lander passes NASA review alongside Blue Origin, Dynetics

Elon Musk is redefining the ‘ICE age,’ turning combustion engine cars into museum relics

Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells have been deployed in working vehicles for months

SpaceX wins US military approval to launch on reused Falcon boosters

SpaceX go for Starlink launch, landing as ULA rocket delays persist

Tesla gets closer to volume battery cell production with 5-year lithium supply deal


Tesla is looking to acquire a 10% stake in LG Chem to strengthen its battery supply: report

Tesla (TSLA) spikes 4.5% on lithium supply deal

Tesla Cybertruck gets fun paintball accessory for that hardcore apocalyptic look

Tesla (TSLA) bull and ARK founder shows where Wall St goes wrong

Tesla’s Berlin and Shanghai plants will produce ‘original cars,’ Musk says

Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted on Fremont production lines

SpaceX Starlink launch suffers last-second scrub, ULA up next [update: double scrub]


SpaceX lends Starlink to Washington emergency services as Elon Musk talks IPO

Walmart Canada triples its Tesla Semi order as part of serious sustainability push

Tesla’s $25K car will force EV rivals to make painful sacrifices: industry experts

Tesla (TSLA) not in ‘mortal danger,’ will be worth more in 5 years, Musk says